Ensuring Quality Academic Program Support

Unencumbered by a large bureaucratic infrastructure, Husson has a unique ability to be flexible. In the university setting, opportunities often arrive when they are least expected. There is a constant need for unrestricted dollars so that when opportunities of importance arise, Husson can act quickly to seize them. Many donors, especially private business owners, understand the advantage of having resources available for quick decisions on important projects. Unrestricted gifts provide a university with just those types of funds.

To ensure that Husson University does not miss out on providing the very best education to its students, Husson University seeks to raise $1 million in “unrestricted funds for current and future program operations” through the creation of an “Institutional Priority Fund.” These financial resources will allow the institution to stay current, be effective, and most importantly, be responsive to change.

The campaign has a goal of $1,000,000 for the Institutional Priority Fund.