Ensuring Great Faculty

Our faculty are the foundation of a great education. While new technologies like “smart boards,” laptops and distance learning have changed the ways students and instructors interact, teachers are still at the core of a great education. We often hear stories about the important role our faculty play as influential mentors to their students.Dewey Martin

Unlike large institutions, which rely on teaching assistants to provide most of the instruction, at Husson, students continue to learn directly from great faculty who possess an in-depth understanding of their areas of expertise. Husson must compete for these talented educators with other public and private institutions. Many of these colleges and universities have large endowments. In addition, a large number of our competitors are comfortable with asking students to pay significantly higher tuition and saddling them with substantial debt.

Increasing Husson’s endowment to attract and retain great faculty is a critical priority. The importance of private gift support through endowed named professorships or through professional development funds that facilitate continued learning and conference presentations by faculty members, cannot be understated. Additionally, Husson seeks to provide research support that allows faculty members to expand the body of knowledge in their fields of expertise through research.

The campaign has a minimum goal of $3,000,000 for faculty endowment.