The variety of educational programs available to Husson University students has expanded greatly over the past several decades. New programs in the health sciences, education and pharmacy helped make Husson a full-fledged university in 2008. The transformation of Husson continues today. Within the past year, the New England School of Communications has been integrated into Husson University and become the institution’s fifth college/school.

Husson University also provides educational opportunities for Maine residents throughout the state. Non-traditional students with work and family commitments appreciate the breadth of educational opportunities offered both on-site and online. To support its mission of transforming student lives, Husson purchased and developed a new complex in Westbrook, Maine in the fall of 2014. This modern, renovated facility gave Husson University the public face it needed to be recognized and appreciated as a source of quality education in Southern Maine.

Phase 1 Facilities Support

This explosion of program growth has led to challenges. As an educational institution, we must ensure that our educational offerings continue to meet the needs of our students. Many programs have an ongoing need for new technology and space to accommodate growing demand.

The University must rely on support from alumni, friends, and foundations to ensure a quality educational experience for each and every Husson student.

Included in the Shaping our Future Campaign for Husson University, is a goal of $6 million in facilities support.