Ensuring a Center for Learning and Peer Tutoring

“To teach is to learn twice,” said the French moralist and essayist Joseph Joubert. This concept is at the heart of the Learning and Peer Tutoring Center where Husson students will work with each other to facilitate academic comprehension. Many peer tutors experience the same difficulties and challenges as the students with whom they work. The peer tutors’ own challenging experiences allow them to empathize with other students and help them excel in their studies. In order to provide training for the peer tutors, Husson University seeks to endow the program.

Through endowment funding, instructors and student peer tutors will be able to develop skills and abilities geared toward teaching others.

The campaign is seeking a $500,000 endowment to help support our Center for Learning and Peer Tutoring.

Brett Martin

"We have created an atmosphere that allows for success – no matter how many things you are doing" – Brett Martin, '19, Clinical Mental Health Counseling Graduate Program