Ensuring Our Prominence as Maine’s Business Education Leader 

Started in 1898 as the Shaw Business College and School of Penmanship, and later as the Maine School of Commerce, Husson University has always offered business education that leads to career success. From these humble beginnings, the Husson University College of Business has grown to become the largest business school in Maine.

The College of Business meets regularly with community business leaders through its various outreach initiatives. With their input, we have designed programs that create career-ready graduates who can meet the needs of Maine businesses. To ensure the College of Business is able to continue to meet the demands of future generations of students, the College has a prioritized need for new, dedicated space.

west-entry-hub_2019-01.jpgA new College of Business building will fuse business education with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) opportunities. This effort will allow the sciences and entrepreneurial efforts to cross-pollinate in a unique STEM Innovation Learning space.

The College of Business is also in critical need of new interactive and engaging learning spaces due to growth. Today, classes are continually designed, re-designed and evaluated in order to prepare students for the ever-changing job market. New courses like forensic accounting, outdoor recreation planning, and homeland security were developed to address needs identified by Maine’s business community. 

This 32,000+ square foot building complex will feature:

  • Four distinct schools (School of Accounting; School of Business and Management; School of Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management; and School of Legal Studies) with dedicated classroom and study spaces.
  • The Ronan Center for Financial Technology. This advanced 360-degree classroom features LED stock ticker displays that show current market activity in real time, interactive touchscreens that provide students with the ability to research stock, mutual fund and bond investment performance; and financial market wall displays that allow students to see the impact breaking news has on the financial markets.
  • A virtual reality laboratory incorporating visual and augmented reality production and demonstration tools.
  • A simulation space to allow students to re-create discipline specific environments.
  • A collaborative innovation space that emphasizes agile teamwork and cultivates entrepreneurial ideas.
  • Advanced technology to facilitate the use of streaming, apps, and electronic texts, connecting students to other Husson University sites and the world.
  • Invaluable experiential learning opportunities will be created through new synergies between Husson University students and Maine businesses.

As interdisciplinary education flourishes across the institution through innovative learning opportunities, Husson envisions an increased level of learning and creativity between disciplines that are too often separated into individual silos. This requires the construction of a specialized facility dedicated to interdisciplinary business education.

To achieve this objective, Husson is seeking $16.5 million in support of a state-of-the-art building for our innovative College of Business, the largest school of its kind in the state of Maine. Designed to emphasize experiential student learning, the building will serve as a hub for entrepreneurial relationships between Husson students and businesses.


The proposed building for the College of Business will be located next to and include a STEM connector to the Richard Dyke Center for Family Business.

This location allows the two facilities to share an attractive and functional business sub-campus environment. 

Total for College of Business building portion of the Shaping our Future Campaign is set for $16.5 million.